On January 31, 2020, the United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced the release of a new version of the Form I-9 (revision date 10/21/2019).
This new version contains only minor changes to the Form I-9 and to the Form I-9 Instructions, however, failure to implement usage of the new Form I-9 after the deadline may result in “paperwork violation” fines of between $230 to $2,292 per employee.
According to the USCIS press release, employers may use either the prior Form I-9 (revision date of 07/17/2017) or the new Form I-9 revision date 10/21/2019) until April 30, 2020. Beginning May 1, 2020 employers must use the new Form I-9 (revision date 10/21/2019).
The new Form I-9 and related materials can be found here:
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